How HUL found a sweet spot in India’s rural market powered by the Shakti of Ammas

HUL’s website describes Project Shakti as a program that enables rural women in villages across India to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset and become financially independent. On the face of it, this may sound like…

Instagram Influencers are claiming their share of the “Influencer” pie from the biggies. Who’s surprised?

For indicative purpose only. PC:

Now picture these two scenarios. First, you are scrolling through your Instagram feed and you come across a post by your favorite movie star with a couple of pictures. She is at her home which is designed in a more than perfect manner. She is sporting Message T-shirts in these…

Nike and its tumultuous history with its brand ambassadors is a real case study. After Tiger Woods, Oscar Pistorious, Lance Armstrong, and very recently , it is now the Tennis sensation Maria Sharapova who has given a headache to Nike and heartache to her fans world wide. Nike recently terminated…

Tapish Panwar

Asst Professor of Marketing

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